24 Stone Prayers and meditation

This medication prayer helps us focus on what it means to be in recovery. It faces things like trust, hope, willingness, forgiveness, and gratitude. The way I do it is to meditate on each of the 24 stones or beads. Make or find a string of 24 beads or keep 24 special stones in a bag. If you find one with 12 beads you can go through it 2 times.

1. With this I pray for yesterday, may I learn from your lessons and grow in strength by letting you go.

2. With this I pray for today that I will be better than I was yesterday and do the things so that I will be better tomorrow that I am today.

3. With this I pray for tomorrow that the lessons I learn today can prepare me to grow more each day.

4. With this I pray for those who suffer in silence, crying in the dark that they will one-day find hope and help.

5. With this I pray for you that your peace is never ending so you can be the healthy, thriving person you were meant to be.

6. With this I pray for me, that I can have the strength to face the challenges ahead and the will to endure. I pray for forgiveness and redemption so I may know peace from the chains of my wrongs.

7. With this I pray for the children may they grow and learn from my miss steps so that they do not have to repeat my pain. I pray for those who cannot speak for themselves and who do not have the choice.

8. With this I pray for the willingness to reach out and ask for help when I need it, please let me accept the help that is offered.

9. With this I pray for hope, at times my life is full or turmoil and pain. The light of hope will carry me to what I need.

10. With this I pray for the leaders, teachers, healers, protectors, and all those that give their lives to serve others may they be safe and tempered in their decisions.

11. With this I pray for the Earth that she feels our love. For animals who share the earth with us, the birds of the air, and the fish in the seas. May they guide us to be in harmony with every living creature.

12. With this I pray for the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

13. With this I give thanks for everything that I have, there are so many people with nothing, I am grateful for all that I have.

14. With this I give thanks for the love I feel from those who I trust and can call my family, family by birth and by my choosing. They lift me up, protect and encourage me, and then I need it most they hold me accountable.

15. With this I give thanks for things that I do not yet understand, you challenge me and give me the way to grow.

16. With this I give thanks for you, thank you for walking beside me on my journey. I am blessed to have you in my life.

17. With this I give thanks for the things that are special to me. 

18. With this I give myself to recovery. Not to recover who I one was, but to recover the person who I was always meant to be.

19. With this I open my heart and mind and I am willing to learn the lessons that I am given.

20. With this I dare to be myself, I am good enough, I can love and be loved, I can forgive and be forgiven. 

21. With this I let go of my pain, today I choose life and to embrace peace.

22. With this I give forgiveness to all those that have wronged me, whether on purpose or through accident. I am no longer willing to be held down by the chains of resentment. I am free by forgiving you.

23. With this I give thanks that I am not alone in my struggles, together we can overcome, together we can do all the things I could never do alone.

24. So I pray, so it will be. 

Author: Steve D.

Steve Daggett, SUDP(CDP), ADC-2, USN-Ret Sunrise Services, Inc. Substance Use Disorder Supervisor, Island County

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