Recovery Gone Viral

There is a movement started by Geoffrey Godfrey at Ideal Option called Recovery gone Viral, a small Facebook live show that has grown to connect many who are isolated and suffering in silence providing an outlet during this time for social distancing and the stay at home order in place. It has evolved into a force to be reckoned with. Coined “a fellowship of freedom fighters” where people are fighting for the freedom from substances. This forum has become a unique and a proven help for many people that have questions or are looking for the support of people who are going through the same pain that they are experiencing.

Geoffrey is leading this grass roots meeting to discuss all aspects of recovery from Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT) to healthy lifestyle choices. Along with Ideal Option, clinicians Steve Daggett from Sunrise Services Behavioral Health, and Dennis Philips from Island County Human Services; this coalition of community behavioral providers is supporting, not only the North Sound communities but have people join from all over the country.

This group also has the expressed mission of reducing the stigma of recovery. They share and support the viewers by giving them the hope to keep fighting for what truly matters, themselves. They connect at a deeply vulnerable level to form bonds and relationships of support between the people who join.

We ask for your support in whatever fashion that looks like for you. There is a desire to continue this as it grows into something that no one has seen before as a measure of healing and rebuilding. Please dig deep into your desire to help change the world and join us as the wave of healthy lifestyles change lives in a way no one could have predicted. If we do something the same way that we have always done it, we can expect the same result we always got.

With quick wit and a passion to be a help in whatever people need; Geoff signs off the day with his tagline “This is Geoff Godfrey with Ideal Option, and I’ll keep the health on for you”.

Recovery Gone Viral can be seen Monday – Friday 09:00- 10:00 Pacific Standard Time at

Be the solution.

Author: Steve D.

Steve Daggett, SUDP(CDP), ADC-2, USN-Ret Sunrise Services, Inc. Substance Use Disorder Supervisor, Island County

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